Welcome to jThemeManager

This is a small java library that you may use in your java programs to allow dynamic changing of the LookAndFeel. This includes Jar and Zip LookAndFeel support!

All the user will have to do is add the LookAndFeel jar or zip to your program's themes folder and JTheme will detect the new theme. Please note that for now a restart will be require to detect the new theme. This also depends on the way you use the library. If you'll re-instantiate the JTheme classes after the user added a theme, the new one shouldbe visible.

Download and support

Go to the project home and get your jar file. For a nice demo download the jtheme.zip file.



The license is LGPL, as such you may use it even in commercial applications if you follow the license. If you want to use the library in you program under a non-LGPL license you might want to contact the author.


Email: emilianb at sourceforge.net or emilianbold at go.ro

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